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Video guide to Meeting places.


Kiam Oey:
I made this video to clarify directions for Marshall Cyn.
Recently I got a call from 2 new members - they were hopelessly lost !.
I have a dashcam, so why not make a video guide ?.

To #1 meeting place MARSHALL CANYON - a Dash Cam video guide. from Kiam Oey on Vimeo.
Coming: more video guides to other meeting places.
Thanks for making the video!

Here is a video to #6, Horse Thief - where to park.

Driving to Horse Thief meeting #6 (La Verne Trail Trekkers) from Kiam Oey on Vimeo.

Norm's Hangar Cafe:
1615 McKinley Ave, La Verne, CA 91750

La Verne Trekker: driving to Puddingstone Lake, #3 meeting place. from Kiam Oey on Vimeo.

Testing link to Youtube embedded video.


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