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1.  Hike with someone who hikes at your speed.
2.  Try to hike in groups of 4 -- if someone needs help one can stay behind while two go for help.
3.  If you don't know the trail, hike with someone who does know the trail.
4.  Be sure to tell the people you are hiking with if you do not know the trail.  Ask them where intersecting trails go.
5.  At trail intersections, look behind to learn what the trail looks like from all directions in case you ever need to return the way you came.
6.  Keep track of those in your group.  Never leave anyone behind.
7.  Learn the trails yourself--backwards, too!
1. Do not hike if you are not feeling well.
2. Eat a light breakfast before hiking.
3. Drink water every 15 minutes -- more on hot days.
4. Stop for 5 minutes every hour.
5. If you cannot talk normally while hiking, you are going too fast. Slow down.
6. If you suddenly do not feel well, let someone know and stop to rest.
7. If you do not feel better after a short rest, ask someone to get help or return with you.
8. If you are with someone who becomes ill, stay with them and ask someone else to go for help.
9. If you are asthmatic, bring an inhaler. If it is not effective, let someone know and request immediate help.
We have been fortunate up to now, not to have had any serious problems on the trails; however, if each of the suggestions above had been followed, we would have avoided the few problems we have had. Remember, if you are lost or require medical assistance, it will cost you as much as $5,000 or more if we need to order a helicopter. Remember, too, that it may be impossible to get immediate help because of inaccessible terrain.
As a member of the Trail Trekker Hiking Group, I recognize that some hikes may be scheduled on strenuous, stony, or rocky trails, some with stream crossings. I agree to be responsible for my own safety and well being as stated above, as well as for any relatives or friends I bring on occasional hikes. I recognize that the organizers and leaders of any and all hikes are volunteering their time, and are not responsible for my safety and well being on any hikes on the normal local trails; nor for my safety and well being on any scheduled out of town hikes and camping trips.

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